Submissions Open for Pitch At Your Own Risk: The American High Film Edition!

Are you the next John Hughes?

JFL ComedyPRO has teamed up with production studio, American High, to search for the next timeless comedy film. Influenced by movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day OffSixteen Candles and The Breakfast ClubJeremy Garelick (American High founder) bought a school in Syracuse, NY, with the goal to make more movies like the ones that inspired him as a teen.

With three accomplished producers, Michael SchadeRyan Bennett, and Will Phelps, American High has already shot five indie comedies and recently optioned Ready, Set, Bad from The Comedy Pitch Showcase at JFLNW 2019 in Vancouver.

This is your chance. Submit your original screenplay idea (one-pager) with a concise but capitvating logline, in any genre of comedy film – from rom-coms to dramedies. Think classic high school comedy with an edge. Submission details below! THE EVENT:

First-come, first-pitch! Remember that time you camped out to get tickets to your favourite band? This is like that. But better. With your online submission, your name is added to the door list. The first select few in the lineup will be invited to pitch, so get there early!

First step: Submit your pitch! Second step: Get in line!

Submitting your pitch ensures your eligibility, but does not guarantee your entry. Get your lawn chairs ready!

These early birds will pitch in front of American High executives and one, yet-to-be-announced, hilarious comedian, in an open-forum pitch session. In the rapid-fire first round, pitchers will have 30 seconds each to pitch. Those selected to pitch in the semi-finals will then have 2 minutes to elaborate on their idea. If you survive, the finals are all about defending your idea against the critics who want to bring you down! Pitchers should prepare a pitch of approximately 5 minutes, and know your idea in and out!

This is a no holds barred event, and nothing (well, very little) is prohibited! Pitchers must stay confident in their ideas amidst various infuriating (but safe) distractions, a flurry of questions from American High and guest comedian, and other competitors out to poke holes in your amazing idea.

JFL will select five (5) submissions and those pitchers are guaranteed the opportunity to pitch. These pitchers will be notified approximately one (1) week prior to the scheduled live pitch. Please note, any travel cost would be at your own expense.

Submissions close June 28, 2019


– Step 1: Sign the submission waiver, which can be found HEREPlease note: No materials will be reviewed unless this agreement is signed and returned with your submission. If we receive a submission without the aforementioned agreement, it will be automatically rejected.

– Step 2: Compile your one-pager (with logline) highlighting your original comedy film idea. The logline is the first thing we see, so make it intriguing! The one-pager should include a plot summary, main characters, themes, etc. Please be clear and concise! Please submit this as one document in PDF format.

– Step 3: Write your full name and film title in the subject line of your email. Please send all these documents to


– The five (5) pitchers selected by JFL will be notified approximately one (1) week prior to the scheduled live pitch. – All submitters should prepare a 5-minute pitch presentation. – All submissions must be in English. – Submitted materials will not be returned. – All applicants will be contacted via email so please ensure that you provide a working email address. – You can submit more than one project, however, you must fill out a submissions agreement form for each project submitted. – You may submit as a team. – All submissions are reviewed by select members of the Just For Laughs ComedyPRO Festival.


The winner of Pitch At Your Own Risk: The American High Film Edition will have the chance to have their idea optioned and developed by American High! In addition, we’re offering a $1,000 CAD prize, and best of all, your name will be immortalized on the American High school forever, as you’ll have one of their bathrooms named after you! That’s right – the next time you see a movie produced by American High, you may see your name on the big screen!